Affordable Packages

Service pricing must reflect growing expectations of users and consumers for a minimum set of services at an affordable price, guaranteeing access for all.

Imagine a stunning new hairstyle designed with you in mind?

We understand that building a long-term relationship with clients is far more important than profiting from a customer that one time.

This salon may not look particularly fancy but this humble salon is where you’ll be able to find colour goddess Sherlin Yap and Tony, a team of highly experienced hairstylists. Although Sherlin is best known for her exceptional hair colouring skills, she is also super popular for haircuts.

Equipped with abundant knowledge in hairstyles, our hairdressers know exactly what kind of haircut will suit you best. At a very reasonable price, we are able to transform our customers from ordinary to extraordinary!

This is why most of our regulars have been with us for over a decade now!  We’ve recommended a number of our personal friends here and ALL of them have only compliments for the soft, flowy and easy-to-manage haircut!